Hi, welcome to vimukta academy.


Sir, I came to you due to my low confidence in physics. You not only devoted time for this but also helped my out and made me practice other subjects too. I cleared all the competitive exams that included mains, Manipal, Ip. I not only learnt subjects ,but commitment, hard-work, simplicity, selfless dedication, not being greedy were the traits I got from you.
Its not only our knowledge that defines us, but also the fact whether we are able to apply that knowledge or not.Class XII is considered to be the most important year of a student’s life. Proper guidance and right imparting of knowledge thus becomes impeccable for a good result. Often, students are confused as they don’t know which study centre to join.
Thank you so much sir…For all the support and the hard work you have put in us..you are the greatest motivation for all of us…Hope that we all don’t have disappointed you with the result.. Thank you for all the hard work you did for us..For all the sleepless nights ,which you have spent just to prepare us with better preparation. Thank you so much for everything.
VC has a brilliant teacher in the name of AG sir, and an awesomely prepared study material. They focussed on both CBSE and entrance , which is very rare. Full credits to them for my success.
To me Aashish sir is a person who has taught the real meaning of what it is to work as hard as you can even after you don’t get desired results! You taught me how important it is to have faith that there’s always something good written for you. Whatever I will be in my future a big credit for all my success will always be yours. Thank you for everything ,sir.